(Video) Digital Food Quality Tester

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  • Greentest Eco5F Black is a unique food nitrate (Fruits, Vegetables and Meat), water hardness and radiation testing device. Developed using the latest in nitrate, water and radiation testing technology, the innovative GreentestEco5F detects nitrate levels in 64 of the most commonly consumed fruit and vegetables as well as all types of meat. Additionally, GreentestEco5F detects total dissolved solids (TDS) in water (or water hardness), as well as background radiation in your immediate environment alerting you to unsafe radiation exposure. GreentestEco5F's unique rapid analysis feature can tell you in just 3 seconds if your food, water or environment is harmful to your health. Long battery life: The 720mAh battery provides up to 20 hours of usage time and can be easily re-charged using the USB charger provided with the device. Modern design: Available in a white easy-to-clean casing, providing a look that is not only modern and professional but also practical for every day use. Technical specifications - Nitrate measurement range: 0 - 9999 mg/kg; - TDS measurement range: 0 - 999 ppm; - Background radiation measurement range: 0 - 9.99 μSv / h; - Measurement margin of error: 10%; - Dimensions: 122 x 52 x 14mm; - Weight: 90g; - TFT Colour display resolution: 320 x 240; - Power source: 720mAh battery; Additional power source: USB to mains power charger, USB charge current: 310mA; Power voltage range: 5V; - Usage time: Up to 20 hours (using fully charged 720 mAh battery on the default device settings); - Operating temperature: 0 - +60 °С. Package Contents; - Greentest ECO-5F Black, High Accuracy Nitrate Tester for Fruit, Vegetable,Meat And Fish, Radiation Detector, Water Hardness Detector - USB cable - Pouch - User Manual - Warranty Card - Retail Packaging Box
  • GREENTEST ECO 5F Digital Food Nitrate Tester concentration meter rapid analyzer Fruits/ vegetables /meat/ fish/nitrate tester

  • Model Number: GREENTEST ECO 5F

  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Battery capacity: 720 mAh
  • Additional power source: usb
  • Power source: Li-ion battery
  • Operating temperature: 0 +-60